Greg on the Lifewise Big Sleep Out Lifewise
Greg on the Lifewise Big Sleep Out
Greg on the Lifewise Big Sleep Out
Greg on the Lifewise Big Sleep Out

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978 days ago, Greg created this page and gave everything for Lifewise:

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My Story

Life has a funny way of catching up with you.

I grew up on Zimbabwe, where poverty - visible poverty - was all too common, to the point where it becomes invisible. I moved to NZ about 20 years ago, and whilst the signs of poverty are less visible, the same cloak of invisibility existed - characterised by "that's a shame, but..." and "well, there's not a lot I can do..."

Through a loop of connections and cross connections, the opportunity to create some tangible difference has presented itself. With it comes a shedding of that cloak, and the beginning of an understanding that there's a world of context behind what could be construed as 'poverty', and many ways of making that difference. It's amazing what a moment of choice can do - the moment I chose to engage in the Big Sleep Out, I went from being a concerned bystander to being part of the story.

Come be part of the story with me.

Thank You

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